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Schools Info for 92118

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The State of California's Academic Performance Index (API), a state rating,is displayed below for 2011 and the prior year of 2010 . School types: H - High School, M - Middle School, E - Elementary School. To review a profile report of the schools staff and students, click on 'report' in the staff or students column. The schools location is displayed on a map by clicking on the 'map' link.

2010 API (Base),"B," "C," (B - School did not have a valid 2010 API Base and there is no Growth or target information, C - School had significant demographic changes and there is no Growth or target information ).
School Type API (2011/2010) Staff Students Map
Coronado High High School 872 /865 report report map
Palm Academy for Learning High School 0 /0 report report map
Coronado Village Elementary Elementary 922 /925 report report map
Coronado Middle Intermediate/Middle/Junior High 909 /891 report report map
Coronado Digital Academy Elementary-High Combination 0 /0 report report map
Silver Strand Elementary Elementary 906 /898 report report map